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Jungle Safari

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in term of natural vegetation and wildlife exploration. About 900 species of birds are found in Nepal and among of which 35 % are globally threatened of which the only bird found in Nepal is spiny babbler. Among the land animals, around 50 mammals are found and 26 of world wild threatened animals are found in Nepal including Bengal tiger and one horned rhino. Nepal is very rich in jungle safari on the contrary, only few areas are left to explore and among them Chitwan National Park located at the central part of the country is one of the most popular jungle safari areas of Nepal. This area is very famous for Bengal Tiger and one horned Rhino. Besides these you can find bear, elephant, crocodile (Ghadiyal gohi, and Magar gohi), Deer, Buffalo and many more rare birds. Another important place for jungle safari is Bardia National Park located at western part of the country and it is mostly famous for at least 53 mammals including rhinoceros, wild elephant, Bengal tiger, swamp deer, and Genetic dolphin and  839 species of flora, including 173 vascular plant species comprising 140 dicots, 26 monocots, six fern, and one gymnosperm species.  

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