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Nepal is on the lap of the eight tallest Himalaya ,known as the kingdom of Himalayas. The Northern part borders with the antonomous region of china with enumerable everlasting himalayas .Nepal lies between two giants economically fast growing countries china and india where as Nepal being full of resources (People , Land, Water , Heritage , Herbs and Sherbs , Ethinical diversity and others ) needed to be well developed country , still crawling. Be positive and ensure yourself people are better to known to humanity guided by the law of nature rather then the law of Country.

Nepal is rich in historical incidents , being never guided by other , we have history of that incidents where people belong to religion guides them till their death, Nepal is cluster of people grouped from the various incidents in the past likely treatened by the majority that is why the religious intgrationof Nepal is diversified and unification in diversity is the strength of our country . Nepal has nine world heritage sites recognised by UNESCO. We can find three climatical variance in a variance in a very short distance in a very short distance in an average 193 km from north to south .

General Information

Nepal Information

Capital : Kathmandu

Population : 26,494,504

Area : 147181 square kilometers

Currency : Nepalese Rupees

Official Language : Nepali

Calling Code : +977

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